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Your wall has cracked paint, and you are wondering what the reason is and how to repair it? I’m here to help!

The main reasons for paint cracking and peeling:

  • Fluctuation in temperature and humidity levels
  • Not sanding the wall properly or painting the wall without removing the dust
  • Painting the wall without applying primer first
  • Using low-quality or expired paint

Is it harmful?

Yes, it can be harmful especially if you are living in an old building because it can cause a flood or contamination that leads dust to be released into the air. It can be dangerous, especially for people with underlying health conditions.

If the cracked paint is outdoor, it causes water to leak inside the house, especially during winter.

It is essential to check your wall paint once in a while or before moving into a new house or building.

How to fix it:

  • -Start by removing cracked and peeled paint with a scraper
  • -Apply patching material to the area, and let it dry
  • -Sand the surface and remove all dust and debris
  • -Prime the wall
  • -Finish with two coats of high-quality paint

These are some basic tips on how to deal with issue yourself, however, it is always important to take advice from an expert. If your wall paint is cracked and peeling off, call your local painter and let them advise and/or help you with it.

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