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Do you want to paint your own room? Here are some useful tips that you can use:

Step1: Move all the furniture or cover them carefully.

Step 2: Cover the floor with a plastic drop cloth and secure it to the floor by using masking tape.

Step 3: Remove outlet covers and tape over.

Step 4: Apply tape between the trims and the wall.

Step 5: Tape baseboards.

Step 6: Fill any holes on the wall with drywall mud.

Step 7: Fill any gaps between the wall and baseboard with caulk (if the gap is wider than ¼-inch, you should use a foam strip to fill the gap then caulk as the filler)

Step 8: Sand walls and moulding (make sure to wear a facemask and protect your eyes especially if you are sanding the ceiling).

Step 9: Remove dust from the wall, trim, and baseboard

Step 10: Put the primer in the paint tray

Step 11: Use a 2-½-inch-wide brush to cut in the edges, frames, baseboard, and ceiling.

Step 12: Use a standard 9-inch paint roller for the wall and ceiling.

Step 13: Leave the primer to dry for at least an hour.

Step 14: Make sure the door and windows are open to allow fresh air in.

Step 15: It is time to paint!

Step 16: Go for a satin or eggshell sheen latex for the wall because it is easy to dry and clean.

Step 17: Start cutting in the edges and the frames with your brush.

Step 18: Start applying the paint with the roller (roll a W or M shape on the wall to spread paint then fill in)

Step 19: Leave the paint for at least an hour to dry.

Step 20: If the new colour is close to the existing colour then one coat is enough but if you are painting your wall from a dark colour to a bright colour then you need to apply another coat.

Step 21: Paint the door and window frame.

Step 22: You can use the same paint for the frames, however high-gloss or semi-gloss latex are better options because they are easier to clean.

Step 23: Use semi-gloss or high-gloss for the baseboard as well.

Step 24: If you are painting your door, you can use the same paint that you used for the baseboard and frames.

Step 25: Leave the paint overnight.

Step 26: Avoid sleeping in that room for the night.

Step 27: Remove the tapes carefully.

Step 28: Remove the plastic drop cloth on the floor.

Step 29: Bring back the furniture (make sure to not scratch the wall).

Step 30: Put back the outlet.


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