How long does it take for the paint to get dry?

Generally, the most popular paint products are water-based, and at a regular room temperature, they can dry within 30 minutes. However, drying time is different from setting times which means within 30 minutes, walls and doors can be touched but paint does not set or cure completely until two to six hours later. They then can be touched, or door handles can be attached and pictures can be hung on the walls.

How many coats do you need if you go from a darker colour to a lighter colour?

In this case, all dark colours must be coated with one primer as a base coat and then applied with two coats of the finish colour.

Should I paint before or after the hardwood floor and fixtures installations?

This depends on the schedule of the deadlines between the property owner and all other trades people. For example, painting can be done after all the other construction projects are completed. In this case, the hardwood floor and fixtures must be covered with plastic sheets and/or floor covering paper. This requires an adequate amount of time to complete, so it must be factored into the prep time. Another option is that all painting projects be completed before floor and fixture installations.

Can I paint my house with spray paint?

Spray painting can be used for door and trim finishes for the interior and exterior of residential homes while the place is vacant. Spray paint can also be used for commercial metal duct ceilings and other painting purposes in commercial projects.

Can people or pets be around while painting my house?

It is recommended to use paint products with low or zero VOC, however, it is a good idea to wait for the paint to dry and then return to your room. Note that it is not safe for people with underlying medical conditions, kids, and pets to be around fresh paint, therefore make sure to keep the doors and the windows open at all times until the strong odour diminishes.

Can I have furniture in the room while painting?

It is recommended to put away all important and meaningful items before the painting process. However, most furniture such as tables and couches can be covered with plastic sheets and protected from dust and paint.

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