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'Lasting Results'

Hello and welcome!

I am Awat Hamid, and I am the contractor and owner of Adept Painting Services. Below is a quick  overview of our vision, methodology, and who we are affiliated with.


Mastering one's painting skills is the primary rule for all our painters, but equally, the relationship, trust and comfort level that is shared between ourselves and our clients holds a high priority. Through my own experiences, it is clear that the majority of homeowners and contractors prefer to know that who is stepping into their lovely castle and working around their families is of good character, responsible and respective of their family and personal effects. 

Since painting is not part of Ontario's Education Program curriculum, finding a qualified painting contractor is not a straight-forward task. For this reason, we ensure that all our painters have at least five years worth of painting experience.

Thus our vision is to have Adept Painting Services recognized as Ontario's most trusted painting company in regards to both the products that we use, and the professional employees that represent us.


Painting has been my primary skill-set long before I immigrated to Toronto in 2002. However, my learning experiences and growth as a painter did not end after only five or so years in the industry. Working subsequently with a variety of clientele, as in homeowners, designers, general contractors, and real-estate agents, and within the Canadian market,  has expanded my knowledge in all areas of painting and home improvement, and it continues to grow each and every day (as no two jobs or clients are ever the same). This continuing experience in the painting industry allows me to provide the best suited services and products to my customers.  

Some important aspects of painting that I have gained through experience are;  

1. The purpose of every painting project can vary from job to job, and therefore, not every project must be approached in the same manner:

Painting a home that is being prepared for sale is very different from painting one that has just been recently acquired. Painting a house for sale tends to be less time consuming and therefore less expensive, typically due to the fact that more generic and standard colours and finishes are used throughout the home in order to appeal to a wider market. On the other hand, painting a home that has been purchased for personal use involves more detailed and varied, colours and techniques that is custom to the specific buyer's preferences.

2. Referrals by friends or family are the best form of advertising. By having a contractor referred, the homeowner has the peace of mind that trust, reliability and competence has already been established. 


Homeowners, general contractors, Real-estate agents, custom home developers, designers, and other commercial managers.

Such as;

-    KDB Restoration

-    Real-Estate Agents at Royal LePage

-    Lion Fish Development

-    A Touch Of Class/ Home Renovations

-    Restaurants and retail stores 

-    Commercial and Residential Designers

-    Homeowners of GTA 

-    Other Commercial Managers 

-    And other various customers